“I first encountered Tony when searching for a Healing Code practitioner. Tony’s credentials stood out to me and after several sessions via Skype, I experienced good results.
During this time Tony’s extensive knowledge, passion and discerning approach to healing individuals, and the collective, became apparent. Tony quickly became a mentor, and friend, and was instrumental in advising on experts and cutting edge techniques for my documentary film E-Motion.
I am very grateful for Tony’s extensive knowledge, personal research, mentorship and ever-expanding search for self healing.”
Frazer Bailey, Director of E-Motion, www.e-motionthemovie.com

“When I tell people about Tony the Healing Man, I’m often met with ‘well what does he do’, or, ‘Is it like reiki?’    The truth is, I have no clear idea.  He’s explained his methods to me many times and I’ve continued to marvel at his incredible ability to learn so much about many aspects of healing naturally and using energy, but to try and describe it is just too hard.  However, through his care of myself and my family, (and many friends,) I can tell you that in a dozen years I’ve had one cold, and that’s all.   Even that was minor.  I’ve not required any more than three visits to doctors in at least 10 years, and they were for only contraception advice.  During one of those visits, my Doctor did insist upon running a barrage of blood tests for everything she could think of, concerned that I’d not been to a doctor for so many years and ‘was everything really ok’?…   My tests all came back totally normal.
Tony advocates healthy living, and practices what he preaches of course.  But he also suggests things related to water and a variety of good habits that help the body to stay healthy, without it being a chore.  Yes I still drink wine, coffee, and have dessert on occasion.
One thing that totally astounded me recently was a situation when I had hurt my neck… I’d seen a chiropractor who tried all sorts of things, including massage, manipulation, and recommended I return for further treatment as ‘that darned joint just wouldn’t budge!’  I was visiting Tony and his family the next day and still in a lot of discomfort and pain, so he offered to fix it for me.
Not only was there nothing so much as a poke of the finger at the afflicted area, but he fixed this neck issue from across the room, using questions, and visioning – mental acuity at its very best via clear direction from him.   I could not believe how much better it felt after 45 minutes, and then by the next morning it was as though nothing had ever been an issue with it.  As he said though: “it’s all about energy and how you use it!”  I’ve had no issues with my neck since then either.
Tony can and does work remotely, so you don’t even have to be there… which is how he works with people from all over the world from the comfort of his office in the Byron Bay area of NSW Australia.
If you have heard a lot about snake oil sales men in the health industry you’ll know there are a lot of charlatans out there.  Tony is the real deal.  I’ve trusted him with my life and my children’s wellbeing and will continue to do so without question.  If you are frustrated by doctors, too much medication, not enough answers, and feel unwell despite medical care that’s costing a fortune in time and money, then talk to Tony Mansfield.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Maria Carlton, Age 49 from QLD Australia

“Thanks again Tony – everything has cleared up in regards to my flu & back (single handily moved our piano from one side of the lounge room to the other earlier tonight ) I am surprised by just how quick it has recovered. As I mentioned to you on the phone it was only a matter of hours from when I used the codes for chronic back pain to the time my osteopath was just looking at me blankly (pre-treatment) while I tried to convince him of my non-existent symptoms.”
Regards, WV

“Since the DNA sequence clearing I have been more active, more confident and more in control. Everyone is noticing the difference. Would recommend this to anyone looking to get more out of their life and body.
Also – since clearing the house, I’ve enjoyed incredible fun, love and harmony in my relationships with co-habitants.”
Dominique Lee

“To anyone who would like to experience child birth as a beautiful, amazing experience rather than an ordeal I highly recommend contacting Tony Mansfield.
For the birth of my first son I was determined not to use pain relief, which I succeeded in but I couldn’t say I enjoyed the experience at all, and certainly had no desire to repeat the process ever again despite the absolute ore and amazement the  moment I saw our son for the first time.
Two and a half years later I realised I was going to be facing childbirth again and so went in search of medication free help.  Tony took me through Z-point, did some clearing for me around childbirth, recommended some research for me to look into which lead me to calm birthing techniques and finally did another clearing for me close to the due date.  As a result  the birth of my second son was truly an amazing experience.  I had full confidence in my body/mind and that it knew exactly what was needed and what it was doing, and it did which was unreal.  I was able to remain calm and happy throughout the entire birth, my obstetrician saying to the midwives….” She’s smiling but don’t be fooled she is actually having a baby”

Bec Mewett