How we work together

The first session

The first session for a new client takes about one and a half hours. Depending on your priority it will either be part of a 4 session package or a “one-off” to solve an immediate problem. I would like to get to know you and your expectations better and you mine.

If it is part of a package then we start by checking a large range of indicators to see any underlying problems. I will also introduce some amazing frequencies to stabilize functionality and raise the bar. Family history and your path help to understand the transformation framework. Sometimes we have to start be clearing generational issues. If there is time we can check you home/property for undesirables…

Follow-on Sessions

Depending on what we’ve covered these will include

  • clearing/transforming the past, the present and the future
  • learning how to clear things yourself, quickly and easily
  • check your home frequencies
  • working with you on other family members or pets via proxy
  • upgrading frequencies
  • whatever shows up


The First Session will take an hour and a half and cost $ 150

Individual follow-on sessions will last an hour and cost $120

A package of 4 session, including the first one will cost $450

A package of 4 Healing Codes sessions will cost $200. Each session can take up to 20 minutes. This assumes you have bought the Healing Codes package and you’ve been through the initial coaching sessions.

A quick Emotion Code/Body Code session lasting about 20 minutes will cost $50

A quick Balance by Numbers session lasting about 20 minutes will cost $50

All pricing is in Australian dollars and does not include sales tax of any discription.


All sessions will be billed at the time of booking and a due before the session commences.

I am willing to negotiate payment terms where there is financial hardship.

Sessions that run over time will be charged for in 15 minute increments.

I will coach and guide you through various processes – your body, mind, and spirit will do what is required to enable balance to be restored. The term healing is such a mixed bag. It tends to negate the trouble the body/mind/heart (your innate intelligence)┬áhas gone to for you to become aware of something that you’re holding onto, consciously or itherwise, ┬áthat does not serve your highest good. When we get down to the “why” is this showing up in my life at this time we begin to understand just how remarkable our life processes are.

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