Over the last 10 years I have delved deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of life.

The turnaround came after 35 years in IT……

Tony Mansfield’s Bio

His first exposure to a healing process started in the mid ‘70s with an Attunement process – hands on work to align and balance the various systems. His focus then moved to include emotional hygiene via the Life Training – the brainchild of Dr Bradford Brown and Dr Roy Whitten.

Children and career took the focus till April 2005 when he heard an interview with Dr Alex Loyd and Dr Ben Johnson. They were talking about a system to clear stress in minutes rather than weeks – electronic monitors verified that the process worked – it was called the Healing Codes. As he worked with the Codes the world of quantum healing emerged. Does it really work was always his question? The answer for him became clear after working on an 8 year old boy whose life was turned around.

This from a friend who had asked me to work with him:

I’ve just been talking with K. – hear you met with her and M. yesterday – and she’s gobsmacked, thrilled, amazed etc,…. Told me all about it, and how both M and she were last night and this morning… she’s really impressed… well done.


And from his mother:

“Since visiting Tony Mansfield and learning Healing Codes, my usually stressed and very aggressive 8yr old boy has had an amazing ‘turn around’ The results were noticed immediately and the aggression has continued to ‘dissolve away ‘ in the month since we visited. He (and myself too) is much more relaxed and calm in his approach to everyday activities. The few tantrums that have started have stopped very quickly and been forgotten ( these used to last an hour or more).

He has a much better sleep now as these used to be short and broken, now he is asleep soon after bed ( and after ‘codes’, which he requests himself ) and sleeps soundly until morning. My son has always had a bed wetting problem but he has not wet the bed since we visited. We will continue to practice the codes as I’m sure we will both benefit. I am very grateful for the help and would thoroughly recommend this therapy to anyone who needs to feel happier and healthier. Thanks so much Tony”

This was clear – a valid energetic healing method that was quick and effective. The resolution was made and the process of becoming a certified practitioner commenced. Three months later he was certified.

This was certainly a change from 35 years in the world of computer systems/software which itself was a change from his original thought to become a clinical psychologist. That same year while visiting friends from South Africa who now lived in Asheville NC in the USA, he once again met up with Dr Jeff Livine – a pioneer in healing field who had also been involved with Attunements in the old days. He had developed a healing process called the Body Alignment technique and as ‘luck’ would have it he was teaching his latest technique called Body Spin that weekend. So Tony’s true calling was once more in focus.

Did it work? Here is what a friend had to say:

Tony Mansfield is quite simply an amazing healer.  I try to maintain a healthy proactive approach to keeping well, and first tried the Body Spin process in order to understand it better.  While I’ve had some minor aches and pains over the years, nothing too serious, apart from a severe recurring back problem.  My body spin was not only something that made me feel like I’d floated through clouds, and was totally rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit, the added and unexpected benefit has been that I’ve had absolutely no back associated problems for over 5 months now.  The only thing that I’ve done differently in that time has been the body spin. 


After a mild surgical procedure in February, I was given antibiotics as a precaution, only to find that after 1 week, I was becoming very ill, with significantly decreased energy levels, and fevers.  I met with Tony briefly and he commenced working on my energy, I then had a full body spin and healing codes session two days later.  The change was not only immediate, dramatic.  Within two hours I had arrived feeling faint and irrationally exhausted with a growing fever, and left feeling refreshed, awake, and energized.  I slept like a baby that night, and from the next day, just returned to my normal totally healthy feeling self.  It was just incredible, and I can’t thank Tony enough for the treatments.  I can’t explain how they worked, they just did, and I’d put my own and my children’s wellbeing in his hands without question any time, for any treatment, of any ailment.

I can highly recommend Tony Mansfield’s professionalism, care, and commitment to his clients, and am thankful that I’ve access to such healing opportunities.


The following year he completed Body Alignment modules 1 and 2 and Vortex Alignment module 1. Jeff has now grouped these techniques under the Life Alignment banner.

For the next couple of years the focus was on the Healing Codes for mainly overseas clients and Body Alignment for those that could make it to Hamilton NZ. This from a client in Germany:

Hello Tony,

Boy I am glad I did ask you for coaching. I have been on a path of growth and spirituality for years. It seemed to me that I have tried everything. Sessions left me frustrated and feeling down on myself.

When I started the personal healing codes, I felt as though I got on a jet plane and that the energy moving through me differed from what I had been experiencing before. I became much more aware of my (neg) mind and thoughts.

Feelings which I had repressed came up and I felt delight as well as some fear. I became much more vibrant and alive and I feel more peaceful and self-satisfied. I am eternally grateful for all of this and for your support



While the results from the Healing Codes around the world were amazing, some people took longer than others to heal which frustrated Dr Loyd and led him to develop an upgraded version of the Codes which in essence added huge power to the session making them much faster and more effective. They are called the Q-Codes – the Q a reference to the quantum leap it was producing. Once again the question – did it work?? This from a client in Australia:


         I have been working with Tony and the Healing Codes for almost 6 months now. The results have been amazing to say the least.  Having come from a classic abusive alcoholic family and having done many years of therapy etc I have had more deep changes in the last five months that in the last few years. I have also always reacted very strongly physically to emotional stress etc and so i was always at my naturopath, doctors, osteopath etc having treatments for any number of ailments, plus I am asthmatic.  Now, other than monthly visits to my osteopath (as i do a lot of exercise) I don’t see anyone.  My asthma is clearing, I still use Ventolin for exercise induced asthma but I know I will eventually stop that also. It’s a big change from using Ventolin and preventer sprays every day.

            In my last few sessions with Tony he has been using the Q Codes on me and they are incredible.  I have literally felt things shift while I am on the phone and he’s doing the Q codes.  I had a huge physical release a couple of weeks ago.  We were working on issues I have around speaking up for myself and feelings of inadequacy around my ability at work, anyway as he was doing the Q codes I started to shake and cry and felt like I was choking, this all passed within a few rounds of the Q codes and by the time Tony had finished I was laughing. At work now I just get things done, don’t procrastinate as much, don’t worry about what other people think about me and my work etc, this is a huge change for me.  I still have things coming up and stuff going on but I can honestly say that I have never been this happy or content this consistently my whole life. Its becoming so normal now to feel this way that I have to think about and remember just how stressed and overwhelmed I use to feel most of the time, now that is hard to imagine ! 

            And just a word about Tony. He is one of the most caring and genuine people I have ever come across. He goes out of his way to help and support me.  I have rung him on a few occasions in a strong emotional state and he always supports where I’m at.  And he really knows his stuff ! I cannot recommend him highly enough.


            Anne-Marie A

            Sydney, Australia


Quite a lot of people do the Codes for friends, family and even pets. Here a client of mine in Sydney has been diligently working on her mother remotely:

Tony, just wanted to give you some feedback …..

There are definite signs of improvement with my mum’s Alzheimer’s condition. She is more interactive with the people around her and she even called my name last Thursday night during my dad’s 84th birthday dinner and told me that she wanted another helping of the lobster dish. She is getting into the car by herself and she is even responding with some quick wit at times. It is very heartening to see the improvements in her condition and remain optimistic for more improvements to unfold!!!! The rest of my family do not know what I am doing even though I tried to explain to them. All they know is that whatever I am doing is working. Thank you for working with me on this.

Personally I seem to have lost my sugar craving, especially for a sweet cup of tea after dinner. I am also feeling pretty good about myself. There’s probably a lot more of me to uncover/discover ha-ha. I know that I am in for a whole lot of washing, grinding and polishing in order to get the diamond in me to shine. So I just got to roll up my sleeves and get started, eh?

Best regards



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