Welcome to the cyber home of Even Keel

The driving force behind this initiative is to research what gets in the way of mankind being able to thrive in all areas of life. We are concerned as to what healing methods/products are available, how they work, why they work and can they be combined in such a way so as to make the transformation we all seek more viable in every way. We all prefer a quick fix: sit in a cave for 20 years or listen to these hi-tech bin-aural beat tapes….loose the weight or get is sucked out….breathe through a headache or pop some pills. While everything has its place we are interested in what works – with grace and ease and supports a conscious track to a fulfilled life – a life that harms no one and that honors the being in everything.

We all have issues, problems, aches, pains to varying degrees. They tend to push us, sometimes kicking and screaming, to find a solution – a transformation to a state that has more going for it – more potential, more of who we truly are.

Many things tip the balance:

  • Traumatic events / emotional upsets / obsessive thoughts
  • What we eat / drink / get merry with..
  • How we feel / bad medical news
  • How we breathe
  • The places we live and work and the land they’re on
  • Influences from your family / ancestors / and more…
  • What we think any of the above mean
  • and what it says about me
  • this list is probably endless depending on our state of heart and mind

The Solutions

A saying that I’ve come across many times in my delving is that “anything can cause anything”. Sometimes the linear/logic mind will easily connect the dots. “My foot is sore because I banged it”. The question behind that is why? That question will make some people angry, others dumb-founded and yet others going for a Louis Hay book. You may believe it is quite simply someone else’s fault – blatant: like they left a brick in the path or subtle: it’s genetic/inherited/virus/going around etc. Sometimes we feel/believe we’re being punished for any number of reasons and then we wrap it up by judging ourselves for the way we handled it.

SO – we need to rise above it, to a place that is intrinsically connected to the truth of who we are – with a willingness to explore/listen/forgive/breath/cry – in essence go with the flow from the place in the know… With this in mind I now provide “Super Sessions” that can move as required. They incorporate many of the modalities I have learned/become certified in.

I do still provide a modality of choice if that is what is required.

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